Case Study – SEO, AI, Growth Hacking

I serve as an entrepreneur-in-residence for, pivoting towards web 3 and SaaS through SEO, Tiktok, growth hacking & domain/website acquisition (M&A).

Month 1: (August 2023)

Results: In the first week of launch, over 100 creator signups and leads were generated through SEO, AI-generated TikTok content, and growth hacking.

I transformed an empty brochure website ( into a fully functional, lead-generating website that holds numerous #1 rankings for UGC-related terms.

By utilizing AI content and AI influencers, we were able to generate over 50,000 views, which resulted in an increase in type-in traffic.

Having already ranked for the majority of Singapore’s UGC related search terms, we have acquired multiple domains for future development centered around UGC creators.

One of these domains is

Our goal is to connect web 3 projects with creators, bringing transparency and job opportunities to web 2 creators.

As featured on Hackernoon, we utilize UGC (user-generated content) to assist web 3 projects in protecting their reputation and reducing their security risk.

Month 2: September (Work in Progress!)