Travel UGC Creator

Hi, I’m Victor.

I’m a digital nomad/ Travel UGC Creator born out of Singapore.

Throughout my travels, I’ve had the opportunity to stay at a variety of accommodations worldwide. From quaint boutique hotels to luxurious city apartments, I’ve experienced it all and am ready to share my unbiased reviews to help fellow travelers make informed decisions.

Partnership Options

Complimentary Accommodation

In return for a complimentary stay at your hotel or apartment, I commit to producing 2 genuine videos for my personal social media platforms, penning a unique blog post about my experience, responding to comments/questions, and including photographs in my online portfolio.

Sponsored Collaboration

In addition to creating original and genuine videos, blog entries, Q/As, and portfolio content, I will develop 30 Pins leading directly to your website. Furthermore, I will generate exclusive material for your social media platforms to be used as organic or sponsored content.

What Social Media platforms do you use?

I actively post on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I also maintain a travel blog and a Pinterest account.

What is the timeline for the creation and posting of content?

The timeline varies depending on the specifics of the project, but generally, I aim to have the first pieces of content posted within a week of my stay.

Do you have a specific audience?

My audience is primarily made up of travel enthusiasts ranging from casual vacationers to frequent flyers and other digital nomads.

What sets your travel reviews apart?

My travel reviews are genuine, thorough, and infused with personal experiences. I aim to provide a balanced view, highlighting both the positives and negatives of each stay.