How to get on Tiktok USA for you page (FYP) For Personal Branding, Models, Digital Product & E-commerce

Are you looking to reach TikTok users in the United States? Whether you are promoting a digital product, e-commerce or personal branding, the steps are the same!

Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting on TikTok United States (USA) FYP:

  1. Get textme for a US phone number, Pick specifically which location you are targeting & a 3 month plan.

Notes: Textme numbers don’t work for a certain usage, i.e telegram.

2) Pick up a 2nd-hand, refurbished iphone ($200-300) for apple ID, and select US as your location.

Do some research as apple stops app updates for certain devices depending on your usage.

Personally, I don’t use anything older than an iPhone 7 plus for automation purposes (Comes with NFC) & camera quality.

3) Use the textme phone number to register, along with an address of the same location/area code.

4) Download a dedicated VPN (I use cyberghost’s normal subscription + dedicated IP)

5) Download TikTok! Sign up with your Apple ID only, and ensure your VPN is on, with dedicated IP activated throughout the entire time.


6) Setting up your FYP, DO NOT POST immediately (Will get flagged), same goes for changing username, bio or adding a picture. Scroll through tiktok & like/comment on videos similar to your posting needs.

To get the ideal FYP, you can use the “not interested” feature to optimise it more quicker.

Give it an entire week of optimisation as well as curation (scroll through for a good 20-30 minutes a day minimum), to pass the bot filters or whatnot.

Then start posting! For posting schedules, do compound on the first tiktok growth virality but have a few posts drafted. Recommended timing for posting: 45 mins – 45 mins – 45 mins for 3 posts.

Do NOT delete posts that don’t go well, your first few posts determine your account “value” to the FYP. A dedicated IP & new phone would be ideal to avoid any negative results – since tiktok’s terms of conditions mentioned are collecting:

– IP address

– Mobile carrier

– user agent

– timezone settings

– identifiers for advertising purposes

– mobile of your device

– the device system

– network type

– device ID

– screen resolution

– keystrokes

– battery state

As well as logged devices, as well as associated accounts and so on.

Some people host up to 3 accounts on 1 phone for ease, but it depends on how much risk you are willing to take to get a new account started.

How you “front” & curate your algorithm/FYP will determine your result as well!

Engagement will deter if you curate your FYP around viral content as compared to high word count content etc.