I have an intensive cognitive need to discover and try new things, I think some part of it is due to my influencer days – which caused an overexposure to things & lowered attention span.

Which makes most things seemingly boring or stale.

Experiences don’t ‘hold’ as much space for me as they do for others. Nontheless, it gave me an ability to learn and discover things without excessive burnout. Thought it does carry a baggage in managing them, hence this page. This resource page helps me manage my interest, hobbies, tools & links I need.

And I hope it’s helpful for you too!


Most people weigh interests according to their backgrounds & habits. Which is why it’s much easier to pick up a sport, when you are already in a sport.
I like to weigh my interests according to my needs, ability & reach.

I believe there’s a compounding effect going on in reality, in a way most people can’t picture it in. (See: Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World)

In my study to learn about con artists & art forgery, I notice a connection to perception manipulation, status signaling & product positioning. Which brought me into domain names, PR management & proper brand building.

In a sense, con artists find the absolute product market fit – while art forgery create value based on scarcity & perceived value. There was a couple notable cases, but most are just innovation pre-law. Once the law kicks in, they are gone for good.

The few that lasted the test of time, really do impact our reality. Like creating an entirely new artist from the 1900s based on old canvases & used paint. Then leveraging an auction house’s incompetence to sell painting through bidding, using their brand’s trust to market fake goods.


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