Hi, I’m Victor. 👋 

(Work-in-progress page!)

I’m an organic growth hacker, driving huge amount of traffic by fulfilling market gaps through digital assets.

Since 2014, I have acquired over 100 domains, websites, and social media accounts through auctions, aftermarkets, and OTC.

Here are some services I provide:

  • Crypto Writing / UGC services
  • Travel writing / UGC services
  • Google SEO
  • Social Media Acquisition & media buying (Usernames, Instagram/twitter/Pinterest acquisition
  • High ticket domain name advisory & consulting (i.e Monthsary.com )
  • SEO Acquisition
  • Tiktok SEO

After being forced to restart again, I sold the majority of my digital asset portfolio to a brick and mortar company in KL for equity & cash and pivoted into web 3.

Currently the head of growth & community at socialjet.sg, pivoting ugc.sg & ugccreator.ai into web 3.

On the side, i work as a verifier for Authentickator, a venture founded by Temasek’s venture builder, Menyala. My role involves providing expert opinions and analysis on NFT projects, having worked with nearly 20 projects to rank them based on their use case, deliverables, and roadmap.