1 Word Domain Name Benefits – why I rebranded my productized business

What are 1-word domain names?

They are a scarce, high value asset in the aftermarkets, especially .com domain names.

With .com is the preferred domain extension worldwide, incentivising clickthrough on the search engines & allowing easy brand recall. The price for domain names skyrocketed through the decades, even after the dot com boom.

What are the benefits for one-word domain names?

  • Higher clickthrough rates
  • Better brand recall
  • Better brand aesthetic
  • Competitor-proofing (supply.co & vs shaversus.com)
  • Exact match domain & link building benefits
  • Perceived topical expertise (dentist.sg vs dentistforurchild.sg)

Generally these are the core benefits you’ll get from owning a 1 word domain name, there are some perks that tend to be case by case basis as well.

Piggybacking on an existing trend our website ranks for, microtask.com – we manage to grow a 400+ person facebook group in 3 weeks, just by having the facebook group link up – even though we don’t offer the same services – people are still looking for it because of the brand name, allowing us to build another productized revenue source overtime, passively.

April 28 Update: Left the Facebook group unattended for a bit, and came back to this 1.4k new members!


Domain name & SEO advantages are an underrated strategy to acquiring leads & audiences organically. Given there’s no actual documentation in doing so, nobody really bats an eye when they pick their brand names. Exact match & partial match domains have the always had a clear advantage in SEO, even if google denies otherwise! Pick your domain name according to what people are already searching for, it’ll give you a edge in scaling organically.