Elementor #1520

Growth hacking & digital asset acquisitions.


Iโ€™m a web 2.0 Digital asset specialist turned web 3.0.

After having to file a police report & consult legal advice against my business partner.

Iโ€™m forced to start from scratch again.

Follow me on my journey to scaling my ventures through systems, automation & AI.

Before Microtask (7 years ago),

I used to curate content & buy/sell/flip accounts, owning over 2 million followers on Twitter.

CEO-in-residence for DTCs.co, building UGC creator.

Some THings i've done
& side projects:

  • Ranked #2 for a 301k search volume keyword for 1-page content website, generating ~30k/page views/month. (Sold) 
  • Buy/sell/flip social media accounts, gaining over 2 million followers and was hacked shortly after.
  • Started hackproofing.com under a no-code competition, as a resource guide for cybersecurity.
  • Completed a local venture-building startup program under an art auction startup.
  • Grew into collecting variegated plants by accident when acquiring domains for my portfolio.

  • Got roped back into web 3.0 after the whole Microtask legal situation & joined as a verifier under Menyala, verifying NFT project’s legitimacy with authetik.
  • Spearheaded a web 2.0 + web 3.0 gathering with over 100+ attendees, across 6 communities under 7 days.

  • Got back into web 2.0 social media assets & growth

  • Fell in love with solo travelling.