Case study

* Many of my websites have went offline after contacting my clients regarding the whole microtask situation – hence the lack of updates. (

Last update: July 2022.


Client came in September 2020.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, clients experienced a decrease in leads to as low as 30 as compared to the usual 50-60 leads per month.

Targeting low competition keywords along with theme changes, copywriting & landing page tweaks – I manage to triple the average lead count after a month of taking over.

With a focus on branded anchor text through roundup link contributions as well as homepage links from our internal website network, the client is generating 100+ leads & enquiries/month @ 1.5k lifetime value through the website alone. (Excluding calls & GMB)

Domain Name & SEO Domain acquisition

Sourced & acquired on the aftermarkets & from godaddy auction, and did a 301 redirect for general domain strength. referring backlink (Ahrefs) here.

Keyword & content research 

Competing for a million search volume keyword, with the MRT map posts holding majority of the search traffic on

Enter Singapore

Domain & SEO asset acquisition 

Acquired off godaddy auctions, merging all related sites, &, with content recreated in February/March.

Website has been purchased out of my partnership with microtask with no existing SEO traffic, to assist expats in acclimating their move to Singapore through consulting & services.

Keyword Research & Link Building

I have generated over 1000+ clicks with 5 new posts & some existing content tweaks since my takeover, as compared to the months of not having any results from SEO in less than a month.  

Previously owning, 1k+ page views/month through pinterest & SEO, acquiring the .com domain name from the aftermarkets in december 2020 after negotiating for a fair price.

Domain was used to test the viability of AI content, search intent for recent google updates.

A collaboration with a 200k+ SGD sales/year ( to growth hack their e-commerce arm through SEO was in discussion.