Blog Case Study – SEO, AI, Growth Hacking

I serve as an entrepreneur-in-residence for, pivoting towards web 3 and SaaS through SEO, Tiktok, growth hacking & domain/website acquisition (M&A). Month 1: (August 2023) Results: In the first week of launch, over 100 creator signups and leads were generated through SEO, AI-generated TikTok content, and growth hacking. I transformed an empty brochure website ( … Read more

Liability Disclaimer: (+ Police Report Against

This legal disclaimer is to clarify the ownership of the domain name The domain name was previously registered under my name and used by me for my business purposes. However, I no longer have access to the domain name and have filed a police report against Martin Lim.  Police Report Against Martin Lim, … Read more

How to Start a Blog in Singapore (Acquisition edition)

Domain Name how to choose a domain name for blogging? When choosing a domain name, it is important to choose a name that is easy to remember and relevant to your niche. You should also choose a domain name that is short and easy to spell. Consider using keywords related to your niche in your … Read more

How to get on Tiktok USA for you page (FYP) For Personal Branding, Models, Digital Product & E-commerce

Are you looking to reach TikTok users in the United States? Whether you are promoting a digital product, e-commerce or personal branding, the steps are the same! Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting on TikTok United States (USA) FYP: Notes: Textme numbers don’t work for a certain usage, i.e telegram. 2) Pick up a 2nd-hand, refurbished iphone … Read more

Liability Disclaimer: Singapore (+ Police Report) Maverick Lim T Ray

*This matter have not been resolvedAfter contacting some clients, some of my websites (Unrelated to the business here) have went offline, along with personal ventures & projects.E-commerce venture, Monthsary.comPublication/Service-based venture, An email (on August 10 2022) have been sent to maverick’s mother as she mentioned she’s available to assist. Hi all, I am Victor, … Read more

How to grow & manage a facebook group for beginners

Continuing from the one-word domain name post, I’ve been funneling SEO traffic from my business to a Facebook group, I have grown the group to 2000+ members (Pending acceptance to the group for most of them.) Update: What happen to microtask? However, there are a few more stages in between creating an active group and … Read more

Growth Hacking Strategy I used for my busineses

What is growth hacking? Growth hacking is a term used to describe a range of creative marketing techniques that are designed to help start-ups achieve rapid growth. The term was coined by entrepreneur Sean Ellis in 2010, and has since been adopted by many tech startups. How I growth hack my businesses: Exact domain name … Read more

Digital Dropshipping Guide: How To Start Digital Dropshipping

Have you ever imagined a world where selling products could be as easy as sending an email? A place where digital dropshipping, the act of selling digital products without dealing with physical inventory or shipping, rules supreme? This is no fantasy. It’s our reality now. Think about it: we’re living in a time when creating … Read more